Going gluten free huh? I have been researching this diet and there are a lot of positives regarding going gluten fee.  Weight loss due to removing the intake of certain carbs, HOWEVER, there are pros and cons to this diet.  Usually when a person goes to a gluten free diet, it’s because they have been diagnosed with celiac disease or they have a gluten sensitivity issue requiring them to avoid foods that have gluten in them, hence the gluten free diet recommendation.  Lately, I have been seeing a lot of women going to the gluten free diet as a diet of choice.  Now I have eaten a lot of foods that are GF to see if taste is compromised, but what I have learned is that if you are not a label reader when it comes to your foods, you are missing out on important information that you need to look at if your going to a GF diet for weight loss.  Most GF foods lack in taste, so in order to balance out the “taste” factor, the fat and sugar counts or extremely high.  Most of you know that sugar is the devil, if you cut out a large percentage of sugar out of your diet, that alone will help you drop weight.  Also, you need to look at your color on your plate, if you don’t have enough “color’ your body is not getting the proper nutrients it needs to perform at its best.

GF Fad

The Pros of a GF Diet

1. Less processed foods, healthier diet

2. Due to a gluten intolerance or sensitivity, if you have inflammation or damage to the intestinal tract because of your intolerance, eating gluten free can help reverse the inflammation damage.

3. If your not eating them yet, going GF also helps you bring into your diet quinoa or other high quality grains.


The Cons of a GF Diet

1. If you do not have all your facts together about this diet, you could be depriving your body of certain carbs or nutrients your body needs, not all carbs have gluten, so it’s important to READ YOUR LABELS.

2. Digestive issues can occur due to lacking of certain fibers, you may need to get your fiber intake from other sources.

3. Possible weight gain due to high counts of fat and sugar.

Again, this diet is not a bad choice, just make sure if you are choosing this diet simply for weight loss, do your research, know your labels. You can still lose weight by exercising daily and eating clean, whole foods, stay away from processed foods.  Make sure you are eating lean meats and a lot of vegetables and fruits, add “color” to your plate.  Bottom line, KNOW YOUR BODY AND FOODS. Most importantly, check with your Doctor before starting this diet to ensure it’s the proper one for you.  Happy body makes a happy person.

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