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New Becca X Chrissy Highlighter Palette with Chrissy Teigen Review

Photo credits; Becca Cosmetics   When Becca Cosmetics announced a collaboration with Chrissy Teigen I knew it was going to be an amazing palette. Once Becca announced its release date on Instagram, I marked my calendar and made sure I got my order in. When it arrived I was really impressed, not only with the […] Read more…


My At Home Teeth Whitening Routine!

Who hasn’t wanted to get whiter teeth without the sensitivity, right?  Recently I was contacted by the great people at Smile Brilliant, they asked me if I would try their at home teeth whitening system and I immediately said YES!  I had been looking for a product that I could use to help get my […] Read more…

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Oh My Cuticles!

It’s summer time, and through out this season, your hands can get dry and so can your precious cuticles.  It’s important to always keep your cuticles soft and supple because they generate new nail growth.  Taking care of them can be a delicate process, but if you have an amazing manicurist, they will know how […] Read more…

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