Who hasn’t wanted to get whiter teeth without the sensitivity, right?  Recently I was contacted by the great people at Smile Brilliant, they asked me if I would try their at home teeth whitening system and I immediately said YES!  I had been looking for a product that I could use to help get my teeth to their whitest, natural color without them feeling sensitive afterwards. After being contacted by Smile Brilliant, I started to do research and found that many people currently using their products not only had great results, but they loved how easy it was to maintain their smile without feeling conscience about the color of their teeth.  I am both a wine and coffee drinker and though I have never had any issues with major discoloration, I still wanted whiter teeth.  Within a few days of speaking to an amazing representative at Smile Brilliant, my home kit arrived and the process of prepping for a better smile started.


Here is what your tray creation home kit will look like upon arrival to your doorstep


 What is in your kit:

6 syringes, 3 Teeth Whitening Gel, 3 Desensitizing Gel

3 Base Paste and 3 Catalyst Paste used to create the molds for your whitening trays

1 Upper impression tray and 1 lower impression tray

1 Pre-paid package to send your mold to the Smile Brilliant lab for whitening tray completion

In your kit you will have detailed step by step instructions on how to create the impressions for your own custom whitening trays, once you have completed all steps in creating your molds, in the pre-paid packet provided, you will place your molds in the package and send off to the lab for trays to be made, trays may take up to 1 week (mine arrived in a week) to be completed.

Once your trays arrive, I suggest putting them on to see how they fit, once you find how comfortable they are then your next step is to get started, it’s that easy!  After each whitening session I give myself I always make sure I rehydrate my teeth with the desnsitizing gel, here are my results after 1 week.


Replacing teeth whitening gel is very affordable, you get 3 syringes for the cost of $34.95 and the level of Carbamide Peroxide is 22%.  I used 1 syringe for 7 days worth of whitening which was amazing.  A small ribbon of gel is all you need to avoid spillage onto the gums.

For replacement of the desensitizing gel you will get 3 syringes for $19.95, the desenitizing gel helps put back hyrdation and vitamins back into your teeth after whitening them.

To see how easy it is to get whiter teeth check out this video tutorial from Danniell Mansutti on using your Smile Brilliant whitening system

It really is that simple!! I have been using my trays now for about a week and I love them. There is no long wait at the dentist office or the hefty price tag of having your own custom trays made.  Easy prepping, just floss and brush over clean teeth (do not re-brush with toothpaste during the prep process), prep your trays with the whitening gel, pop them in and go on with your day.  I usually leave my trays in for about 1 hour, rinse and pat dry both my teeth and trays, after you have done that, in your clean trays add your desensitizing gel and place back in your mouth for 15-30 minutes, once you are done, remove and wash your trays with cool water, dry them and place back in their case, do not rinse your teeth after final step and avoid any drinks or food for at least 30 minutes after you have completed your whitening process, see easy peasy!

Here are some satisfied customers who like me, love Smile Brilliant!

What more can I say about Smile Brilliant except that I feel much better in my smile and I love that I can take my system anywhere with me to achieve the results I am happy with!  I highly encourage you to check them out and order your custom kit TODAY!

To order your own Smile Brilliant Kit

Laser Teeth Whitening

Thank you Smile Brilliant for giving me back my smile!

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