We all have them, we use them every day, but are you cleaning them?  Your makeup brushes.  While we are only using them on our own faces, they harbor germs that you are spreading everyday when your brush is dirty.  Here are some simple ways to clean your brushes and keep your skin clear and clean.

1. In a clear bowl, take baby shampoo and fill your bowl with warm water and place the brush in the water and swish around. Take a paper towel, rub your brush on the paper towel to see if traces of makeup appear on towel, if so, keep cleaning your brush till you no longer see any makeup on the paper towel.


2. After cleaning in the water with shampoo, take brush out and run under warm water or you can set up a second bowl with clean warm water and swish brush under, make sure all shampoo is out of your bristles.


3. Once your brushes are clean, place a clean towel down, gently wipe the water from your clean brushes and lay flat to dry on a secondary, clean towel.


Always wash your makeup brushes, weekly. Your makeup brushes harbor a lot of germs that you can transfer to your face and eyes. Keeping your brushes clean will extend the life of them and will make your makeup application flawless so you always look your best!

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