Red Shoes

Yes, we are that predictable! Women, we love shoes and not just any shoes, well, if your a shoe connoisseur that is. I love to look at beautiful shoes, nothing makes me more happy than to just browse Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom’s and others websites and just admire the shoes… Especially those with the red bottoms. LAWD have mercy!


My Mom always use to say you can tell if she is a woman that takes pride in herself by her hair and her shoes and she is right!  I admit, I don’t have the number of shoes my Mom does, at one point she had over 300 hundred pairs, but when I shop for shoes, I take my time browsing both online and in shops before I make my purchase. However, as I get older, I find myself looking at shoes that my younger self may not have ever thought of purchasing much less buy, high and gorgeous ones! When a woman has an amazing pair of heels on, her legs just look amazing, and when she walks in them, her confidence and stature just changes, it’s not just the beautiful shoes she is wearing, but those shoes makes her feel beautiful.


Never mind her size and shape, thin, full figure, it doesn’t matter because when a women has that perfect pair of heels on, she will rock them no matter what!  The history of shoes and women may be one that will never be fully explained, but men, if you love the way your wife looks in a beautiful pair of heels, encourage her to buy more, responsibly that is, happy wife, happy life!  What are your favorite types of shoe?

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