We all have our favorite sweet tooth treats. Mine happen to involve chocolate and some days, that sweet tooth gets the better of me!  There are so many candies to choose from. Here in my area we have a place called Rocket Fizz and OMGosh, it’s heaven! They have some old vintage candy that you can no longer find in the stores. Pixie sticks, candy cigarettes, Pez candies and dispensers, yes, those! Soda, they have sodas galore!

Rocket fizz

As a kid we didn’t always eat a lot of candy, but when Halloween came around we went for it. Now I was fortunate to be that kid that didn’t get cavities, I can’t say the same about my brother (yes, I am chuckling as I write this). I have favorite candies, but the one the candy I can make a meal out of is Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups! Good GAWD, it doesn’t matter if its the mini or regular size, they are my weakness!


My next all time favorite is Starbursts, Oh dear kill me now! It doesn’t matter the flavors, I will most definitely eat the entire package! I recently heard they now have Starburst candy corn, oh dear!


Now, since I love chocolate, I am also a fan of Godiva chocolate truffles, oh my, they are sinfully good!


And lastly, the good ole’ favorite, Hershey’s Kisses! I can’t say these kisses are good for the waste line, but they are the safest kisses you’ll ever have.


Whatever your sweet tooth cravings are feed them and feed them well. After all, these are the little pleasures in life we can give ourselves and make us feel like kids again!

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