My husband and I always try to do date night weekly or at least every two weeks.  It’s important that we make that time for ourselves because life can get pretty hectic! When we aren’t in the mood to travel and wine taste, we have a beautiful place here in our local area, located in Westlake Village, called The Stonehaus.


SH Fireplace

This place is one of our favorites when we want to get out of the house and have a glass of wine or two. It has a Mediterranean feel with the structure, accompanied with outdoor fire pits and a beautiful outdoor fireplace, if you get a little chilly they have blankets at your leisure.  They have an amazing collection of wines, both domestic and international.

SH Wine

You can opt for a wine or champagne flight or by the glass or bottle from their eclectic wine menu. Their food is awesome as well.  On Fridays and during the weekends they are usually making delicious pizzas in their outdoor oven and of course their desserts are amazing. If your looking for something on the lighter side, they have wonderful cheese platters, and salads.  Pair these foods with your wine or champagnes of choice, and you have your wine tasting date night without having to drive so far. If your in the Westlake Village area, stop in and visit this amazing place, you won’t regret it!

Cheese boards

Now if your in the mood for some great mexican food with an old feel, Casa Escobar, also has amazing food, they have two locations, Santa Monica and Westlake Village.

Casa Escobar

They serve three different salsas with your chips while you wait for your margarita to be made. The margaritas were delicious in fact, I ordered a second one, which I normally do not do. The food, authentic mexican style, a lot of flavor but not too spicy and so good. A MUST try, their chicken mole enchiladas, they are sinfully amazing! A perfect date night place for two.

Casa Esco enchiladas

If we are feeling a little more on the side of good, rustic italian food with great martinis and Sangrias, we will drive to Ventura, thankfully it’s not far for us.  Cafe Fiore in Ventura.  On Fridays and Saturdays they have a band or DJ playing if your up for dancing.  Their risotto dishes are my favorite.



These are just a few of our favorite places we love to visit when we want go out on a date.  When life gets hectic don’t forget to make time for each other, even though your married doesn’t mean the dates have to stop, whatever your dates consist of, make them yours and make them special.  Salud!

To Visit these places, see links below.

The Stonehaus


Casa Escobar


Cafe Fiore



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