I am fortunate to live very close to wine country and I have many choices of wines to choose from and have a nice collection too, BUT I finally found one of my favorite wines, Fifty Shades of Grey, back in my local supermarket! The crime was that they have been out of stock since before the holidays, so when I found it I put 6 bottles in my cart! However, I gave 4 of them out as birthday gifts, but stashed away 2, the red and the white. Now for the price point of this wine $18.00 per bottle, the wine is fine!!! The white is light and just a touch of sweetness to open up during the week, just because wine sometimes is a necessary need to finish out the week. For this wine I love to pair up red velvet cupcakes or a nice light cheese and crackers, nothing heavy.

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Gourmet Cheeseplate with Wine

My next absolute favorite wine is a good Tempranillo.  A local winery here in my area has one of the best Tempranillo wines I have tasted.  I love the spicy notes of this Spanish grape and the full body taste makes pairing this wonderful wine with beef or grilled chicken. In my neighborhood, when we are not eating and drinking, we are sitting by a fire pit and chatting it up enjoying amazing wines.  Whatever your wine choice for the middle of the week, make it FAB!!! What is your favorite wine?

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