Life and work

Recently I returned to work and let’s say it has been a very BUMPY ride.  I have yet to find my “balance” in my return.  Prior to my leave of absence I had my life balanced, or so I thought.  I made time for gym, household duties, cooking, being a Mother and Wife and time with my family, but since I have been back I am struggling, terribly!  I guess what did not help was during my time off, I was battling depression, which I have beat, but now my struggle is to get back to a well balanced life.  I have often heard the question, can a woman have it all?  I believe we can but it takes amazing patience and talent, both of which I am seeking to learn, again.  I am finding now that I am looking more towards becoming an expert in meditation to help me balance both my mind and spirit to my surroundings.  Last year my goal was all about training hard, work hard and I gave myself no other aspirations for much else.  In my time off, I learned that I am a writer and a lover of books and now I have started introducing some form holistic lifestyle in my house, which has been amazing, but I am still not where I want to be.  As I am getting older I now find myself in a different frame of mind, meaning I have become a little more easy going to things that use to bother me and assertive towards things that never bothered me, which is a strange dynamic.  I guess that happens when we get older and our children become adults. What seems to be working for me now is taking a couple of hours a week for me, on a spiritual level, where I attend a bible study group at my church and that is where I feel spiritually I am renewed and recharged.  I also started listing weekly goals for myself and putting it some where I will see it everyday which is a beginning and my next goal is to start back at the gym 3 days a week and build up from there, one day at a time. You have to find what works for you and start from that point.  However you decide to balance your life, make sure it’s healthy and spiritually satisfying to you.  Ciao.

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