Close-up of coconut oil on the wooden spoon

To Oil Pull Or Not!

I bet most of you have never heard of this beauty regiment, oil pulling?  Its an ancient Ayurvedic remedy used for oral health and detoxification.  It is the use of organic oils to help pull out from the mouth, teeth, gums and throat.I It helps extract bacteria, fungus and organisms that can cause bad breath and […] Read more…


I’m In A Beauty State Of Mind!

Everyone has their own definition of “beauty” but really what defines true beauty?  Well we could all be really shallow and say looks, but that is just ridiculous because beauty is only skin deep, so they say.  My definition of beauty is in one’s heart, mind and soul!  When one possess an inner beauty quality, […] Read more…

looking young

So Is 40 REALLY The New 30?

I know I know, we hear it all the time being said by women in our 40’s. “Your 40’s are your new 30’s!” Well, I have to admit, I am fortunate to not look my age, at all!  Most people do not believe I have a son that is going to be 23 this year, […] Read more…

Gel nails

To Gel Or Not To Gel ~ Gel Manicures

Gel manicures are pretty cool. As a licensed manicurist,  I have given some to others as well as myself. However, the exposure of UV lights to the nail beds and your hands is something that you need to limit. Those of us who have had gel manicures know that they stay beautiful for at least […] Read more…

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