Who doesn’t LOVE cupcakes! I am a REALLY big fan of them and why not, they come in different sizes and they fit in the palm of your hand…yes, cupcakes are my weakness and if you bring me a red velvet, well then stick a fork in me because I will be done. One day, my awesome husband came home and surprised me with Sprinkles Cupcakes and I was so happy and even more happier when I found out we now have a Sprinkles in my local area! Well what’s a girl to do after knowing that?  Well the very next day this girl went to the cupcake boutique and bought some more! Cupcakes are just happy food, while, like anything in life you must eat in moderation…oh who am I kidding, BRING ON THE CUPCAKES and eat to your heart’s desire I say!


If you live in Atlanta, Washington D.C, Los Angeles, Chicago areas, you need to find a Sprinkles, STAT and engorge yourself in a cupcake, to die for!!!! They even have a 24 hour Sprinkles ATM in Beverly Hills, can you imagine, you have that late night craving and your wanting a Sprinkles Cupcake?  BAM, pull out the credit/debit card, slide in the ATM machine, and out comes a cupcake of your choice!!! AH-MAZING!!


I am very fortunate that I live so close to Los Angeles because I am able to take part in enjoying that simple little treat.

Now if your looking for a BIGGER cupcake, like Texas style, Crumbs Cupcakes has amazing and quite large cupcakes and they have some amazing and fun flavors, such as Cannoli, Apple Cobbler, Milkshake, the list is endless. They are also one of my favorites shops too.


The next cupcake boutique I WILL be trying very soon is Georgetown Cupcakes. Founded by two sisters, you may have seen their reality show on TLC’s DC Cupcakes. I have yet to try, but I know I will fall in love with their little cupcakes of heaven.

Cupcakes LA

DC Cupcakes

So whatever your cupcake of choice is, whether you buy them or make them, EAT THEM!! Nothing makes your day sweeter than a little cup of sweetness!  How do you Cupcake?

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