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So Is 40 REALLY The New 30?

I know I know, we hear it all the time being said by women in our 40’s. “Your 40’s are your new 30’s!” Well, I have to admit, I am fortunate to not look my age, at all!  Most people do not believe I have a son that is going to be 23 this year, […] Read more…


Brushes Brushes Brushes ~ Clean Your Makeup Brushes

We all have them, we use them every day, but are you cleaning them?  Your makeup brushes.  While we are only using them on our own faces, they harbor germs that you are spreading everyday when your brush is dirty.  Here are some simple ways to clean your brushes and keep your skin clear and […] Read more…

Red Shoes

Hello Lover! A Girl’s Love For Shoes

Yes, we are that predictable! Women, we love shoes and not just any shoes, well, if your a shoe connoisseur that is. I love to look at beautiful shoes, nothing makes me more happy than to just browse Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom’s and others websites and just admire the shoes… Especially those with the red bottoms. […] Read more…

Gel nails

To Gel Or Not To Gel ~ Gel Manicures

Gel manicures are pretty cool. As a licensed manicurist,  I have given some to others as well as myself. However, the exposure of UV lights to the nail beds and your hands is something that you need to limit. Those of us who have had gel manicures know that they stay beautiful for at least […] Read more…

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