live life

A friend of mine recently talked about being in the moment of life, really appreciating all that life offers and has, learning to accept your circumstances and to live.  It got me thinking, we are all so connected by modern technology that we do not allow ourselves to enjoy all the beauties life here offers us.  We do not allow our senses to smell the flowers and plants or to sit in awe of a beautiful sunset, to dance in the rain or to feel the touch of a loved ones hand, or to have a face to face conversation with someone dear to us.   This is the stuff life here is made of, it’s personal or it should be and often times we allow technology to replace the very thing created for us, human interaction!  Disconnecting from everything, going off the grid is something we all need to do and often.  We have become so programmed to checking our phones the minute we wake up, or logging on to our various social media apps to see what we have missed while we slept, I know, I do it too, but what if we did not have those distractions?  I am a child of the 80’s, if you had call waiting you were awesome. I grew up in a time where we didn’t have the internet, cell phones, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and yet we managed to have connections with people, we had actual conversations with each other whether it be over the phone or in person.  We played outside, got dirty and interacted with each other, went to the movies and never had to wait for the message to display on the screen saying “please turn off all cell phones devices during this movie”.  I have to say it was a magical time of the unknown.  Listening to my Dad talk about the future of technology and thinking there is no way I would have a phone where I could see the person on the other end, or phones so small you could put them in your pocket, wireless headsets that allowed one to move all about without the fumbling of wires, yes those things I could not fathom growing up and yet here we are today, with all of it and more and we are no closer to each other. Technology in all actuality, has pushed us further apart in some aspect which is the downside of having what we have, today.  Disconnecting from all of it, even if it’s for a short time allows us and our spirit to reconnect with life, nature and our loved ones. To really cherish and make memories of our time spent with them in this life.  Life here is very short, in a minute it can change, without notice or warning, why give yourself a regret.  Life is precious and while our time here is limited, our options are endless, learning to have a healthy balance will allow us to enjoy all of it, allowing for our minds to create mental pictures that will last forever, so take time to disconnect and live, laugh and love!

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