I have always liked tea until about a year and a half ago I fell in love with it and all its benefits thanks to a friend of mine. I started following her on Twitter and noticed a picture one day that she posted, showing the most beautiful tea I have ever seen, a blooming tea and immediately I had to try it and BAM, a $150 dollars later, I was a bonafide tea drinker. I learned all the health benefits to drinking tea and I have been on the receiving end of many of them and as a avid coffee drinker I balance my cravings between the two. So I decided to do a review on some of my favorite must have teas and hopefully after you read this you will decided to add them to your pantry.


1. Teavana


I love all the choices and flavors of the teas from Teavana!  Beware a novice tea drinker can spend a lot of money buying teas and if that is the case, make sure and invest in their tin canisters for your tea storage, your tea will last a long time in them.  I can’t tell you what favorite one I have because they all taste amazing, they have many choices, green, white, oolong, black, chai, herbal and rooibos. If I must pick my favorite right now it’s the Strawberry Blush Rose Oolong, with it’s strawberry, rose buds, crisp rhubarb with a hint of bubbly champagne, delicioso! I tend to attract to more of the herbals, green, white and oolong teas with more fruity flavors. So if you have a Teavana near you, stop in for a cup of tea.



This company is out of Canada and I have ordered some teas from them and they are amazing as well.  I love the Movie Night Tea, its a green tea with apples and real popcorn in the blend and it is a savory flavor, perfect for watching for your favorite TV show or movie. They have all types and blends of teas from green teas to rooibos and mate and pu’reh teas which are both really good.  Mate teas have a sweet, toasty, smoky and smooth flavor, they are considered a super-herb tea that is packed with antioxidants and energy-giving stimulants. Pu’reh is tea found in China, they have been used to control weight and aid digestion for more than 1,700 years. So if your doing some online shopping or happen to be in a city that has a DavidsTea, stop in and visit them, you’ll be hooked.

3.  Yogi Teas


I absolutely LOVE these teas, one for the flavor and types of teas one needs for stress, weight, cold remedies, energy balance and detox.  The best part is when you open a Yogi tea pack you are rewarded with an amazing affirmation to enjoy while your sipping your good energy.  I love the Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy Tea, it is a calming tea and helps balance mood and energy levels with the flavors of tangerine and lemon and the Bedtime Tea helps give me a relaxed feel with chamomile and passionflower so that I can have a better night sleep. So if you love receiving affirmations while sipping, pick up a box and enjoy.

 4.  Buddha Teas


I recently received these wonderful teas and I have now added them to my growing tea obsession. The Sacral Chakra tea is one of my favorites from this line.  If your not familiar with your chakra balances you need to learn about them.  Everyone has 7 energies in your bodies that connected to specific body aliments and physical dysfunctions, basically they control your emotions, control depression and physical aliments. When your chakra is off balance that is when we feel sometimes at our worse and can become depressed, sick, stressed and anxiety can set in making one a non productive person.  Learning to keep your chakras in balance helps keep our mind and body in a positive sync. This tea helps balance your creativity, sensuality and connection to others around you.  The flavor has hints of marigold and ginger which is especially nice when paired up with honey, a perfect cup.  The second tea from this line is the Calming Buddha. This tea is refreshing and leaves you calm from a hectic day.  Enjoying the flavor of the peppermint and kava kava with a touch of cinnamon leaves you feel refreshed after each cup and the surprise with each cup is a positive affirmation which is my favorite part.  These teas are simply charming and leave you very satisfied I will be recommending them to friends and family.

With the cold weather, a nice cuppa is just the ticket to either start the day or end the day.  I find that when preparing my tea, I grab my favorite tea cup, add a little raw honey or stevia if you want your tea a little sweeter and your good to go!  What ever is in your cup, make sure you take quiet time for yourself to just enjoy, sip and relax.  Namaste.

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