Do you ever have days where you just want to be left alone, you NEED your space from everyone, without interruption?  YES, I have days like that often!  It’s not that I do not LOVE my family and friends, but there are days where I need to recharge my batteries, take a LONG bath, read and just ignore the world for an hour or two. Yes, that “Calgon Take Me Away” commerical becomes my reality.  We all have them and need those days to keep our sanity!  We do so much as women, we are mothers, full time employees (for some) we are cooks, the housekeepers, taxi drivers, the list is long and endless, it’s no wonder we are sane at the end of the day.  So when I can, I take my time for ME,  not to be shared with anyone but me, myself and I.  I find after I have my “do not disturb” time, I feel like a new person.  The problem with us women is at times we have our “to do list” for everything else and everyone else but US and we need to carve out time for us, it is essential.  When my trainer is in town, I love to spend that time getting by butt kicked because for that one hour I am making it about me without the guilt.  We give so much of ourselves to our families to which I’m not complain because I am thankful every day to be blessed with a gorgeous family, but I also need to take care of me, otherwise I am no good to them if I don’t.  So when you start to feel like your disappearing into your family picture, take a moment, step back and say “Calgon Take Me Away”!  Get your bath water ready, grab your book, lock your bathroom door and for an hour or two, tell the family, DO NOT DISTURB, Mama is taking time for me.

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