Most of my close friends know that I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE anything Disney, and some will even say that most Disney Trivia I know too.  Yes, I admit I am obsessed with all things Disney.  How could I not be, I grew up in California, almost every year for my birthday or Christmas holidays, my Godmother would take me to Disneyland and it was perfect because she lived less than 15 minutes away and most nights we could hear the fireworks from the park, that’s of course when the train wasn’t rolling by.  When I had my son, as a parent I vowed that every year we would be at Disneyland, so when he turned 10 months (and yes he started walking early) or when he started to walk, we were going to the Magic Kingdom and I have kept that up ever since. Of course now, he is 23 and doesn’t have much time to accompany me anymore to my magical place, but my amazing husband is now my Disney partner, which secretly, he loves.  Here are some fun facts.

1. I bet most of you didn’t know that the Matterhorn has a half court basketball court inside?  Well it does, it’s located at the top of the ride away from visitor eye’s, and I hear that employes still use it on occasion.


2. The fire station located in Disneyland’s Main Street USA has a light in the window that never turns off, it is lit up all the time because it is known that Walt Disney himself had his personal apartment overlooking Main Street, USA and that is a homage to the late animator and creator.


3. Mickey Mouse isn’t just roaming the streets of Disneyland, if you know where to look, there are hidden Mickey’s everywhere through out the park and Downtown Disney too. You just got to pay “close” attention.


4.  Ever wonder how your favorite Disney characters get from one end of the park to the other without being seen until it’s time? There are tunnels under Disneyland that help the characters get to their destination without having to deal with the large crowds at the park, pretty cool.


5. The Disney Dream suite above The Pirates Of Caribbean ride is amazing from the outside. It is said that Walt Disney wanted to create this space above the famous ride for larger groups as his apartment over the fire station on Main Street was not big enough.  Sadly when Mr. Disney died in 1966, the project was abandoned for many years until 2007 when the Walt Disney Company decided they would open it up as a guest suite.  I imagine the wait list for these luxury accommodations is very long and very expensive, but it would be amazing to stay there, the view of Rivers of America and the Fantasmic show at night would be memorable.

dream suite

6. Did you know there is only ONE place in Disneyland that serves alcohol?  Club 33, however entrance into this secret (well not so secret anymore) club requires a dress code, oh and yes a membership!  While the waiting list for this membership has a very long waiting list, you better be prepared to come with a large checkbook.  This “secret” club door can be found outside the Blue Bayou Restaurant, in New Orleans Square. It is said that Club 33 got it’s name from the number of sponsors, which happen to be 33 sponsors, coincidence…I think not.


These are just SOME of the fun tidbits of my all time FAVORITE place.  As an annual passport holder I can never tire of this amazing place, it’s the one time the child in you is allowed to come out and play.

Recently I have now taken my Disney obsession to my nails and started to create nail art that is…well fun, what can I say!

Maleifcent Nails


Mickey Nails


So if your fan of all things Disney like me, welcome, it’s a fun group to be in.  There are only a few people born that have changed how we view things in this world.  For Walt Disney, most thought his crazy idea of an amusement park would fail and they thought he was crazy, but his determination proved them all wrong.  Can you imagine a world without Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse, I know I can’t nor would I want to.  One of my favorite quotes from Walt is “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible” and I couldn’t agree more.  So I hope today as you read this, it brings a smile to your face and maybe even revisit one of your favorite Disney movies, but if anything, I hope that you have a ZIPADEEDOODAH day.

Walt Quote

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