Lately my body has felt off balance. I know that most of it has been the all “fun” foods I have been eating. Now we all love to eat pizza, hamburgers and sweets especially coming off of Thanksgiving, but as we know those foods can bring you down, make you feel bloated and just, off. It is important that we take that time to rebalance our inner Chi. I find for myself, I like to take at least 15 minutes a day just to meditate. Meditation can be done anywhere, but it’s that time of day I need to clear my mind, close my eyes and just relax! I also love to take baths. I love the smell of lavender and chamomile to help soothe the senses and to help me relax my body, while I enjoy my bath, I love to read. Getting into a really good book just takes you away from reality for a little bit. As women, we are so busy running around that we forget to put ourselves on our own “to do list”. We wear many hats, we are homemakers, mothers. cooks, housekeepers, taxi drivers, lovers to our spouses, counselors to our kids and girlfriends, yes, we wear many hats and sometimes all of that can offset our balance and our inner Chi. Knowing that this happens frequently, is when we need to arm ourselves with simple things.


Clean eating: Eating clean is key, when we put bad foods in our bodies, all those sugars and processed foods will bring your energy levels down and that is when you feel you have no energy and you become irritable. 

Antioxidants: I love to eat berries that have a lot of antioxidants, as they are great for your skin

Detox: A friend of mine said that if you start your day off with a slice of lemon and splash of fresh lemon juice in warm water it is a great detox for your liver and helps brightens up your skin.  Green smoothies are great, try to get a cup of greens into your daily diet.

Skin Care: Find a great skin care line that works for you, you have to eat healthy, but you also have to take care of your skin, after all it is the largest organ on your body

Vitamins: Finding good vitamins with Omega – 3 and Iron is great for our bodies as women. A multi-vitamin is great, I prefer natural, holistic vitamins. I like Chinese herbs, but find what works for you.

Exercise: Make sure you get in at least 30 minutes a day of exercise. Walking is a great way to get going if it’s been awhile since you have been in any exercise routine.

Water: Water is essential, I am not a good water drinker, but if you add a slice of lemon, orange and cucumber to your water, it adds a nice flavor and it looks pretty too.

Meditate: I find meditation helps me regain my focus, clearing your mind helps put you back in balance spiritually.

Find A Good Book: I love to read and when I am engrossed in a good book the Please Do Not Disturb sign goes up.


These are just a few things that I am finding help me get my body back in balance. A body in balance is a productive, positive and healthy one.






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