What’s In Your Tea Cup?

I have always liked tea until about a year and a half ago I fell in love with it and all its benefits thanks to a friend of mine. I started following her on Twitter and noticed a picture one day that she posted, showing the most beautiful tea I have ever seen, a blooming […] Read more…

live life

Disconnect And Live

A friend of mine recently talked about being in the moment of life, really appreciating all that life offers and has, learning to accept your circumstances and to live.  It got me thinking, we are all so connected by modern technology that we do not allow ourselves to enjoy all the beauties life here offers […] Read more…

hand care

Oh My Cuticles!

It’s summer time, and through out this season, your hands can get dry and so can your precious cuticles.  It’s important to always keep your cuticles soft and supple because they generate new nail growth.  Taking care of them can be a delicate process, but if you have an amazing manicurist, they will know how […] Read more…


My Obsession With All Things Disney

Most of my close friends know that I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE anything Disney, and some will even say that most Disney Trivia I know too.  Yes, I admit I am obsessed with all things Disney.  How could I not be, I grew up in California, almost every year for my birthday or Christmas holidays, […] Read more…

Close-up of coconut oil on the wooden spoon

To Oil Pull Or Not!

I bet most of you have never heard of this beauty regiment, oil pulling?  Its an ancient Ayurvedic remedy used for oral health and detoxification.  It is the use of organic oils to help pull out from the mouth, teeth, gums and throat.I It helps extract bacteria, fungus and organisms that can cause bad breath and […] Read more…

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